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Felix Walchshöfer

The dream maker

The official term "race director" is actually far too little to describe Felix. Jack-of-all-trades is probably a better description. There is probably no other person who lives triathlon like Felix. Felix's brain revolves 364 days a year around making triathlon even better (only on Alice's birthday does everything revolve around Queen Mum 😊). Colleagues are therefore delighted every morning to receive new, completely convincing ideas. Felix is always thinking ahead. The ambition is always to make the race better every year.

Markus Englert

The everything expert

When Markus started with us, he still had hair! This time-honoured saying is always enjoyed by his colleagues. He founded a school café with Kathrin back in grade nine and has been involved in Challenge in various positions since he was a teenager. In the meantime, he has left the school café, but Markus takes care of the expo, finances and contracts. But he can also do almost everything. When colleagues get stuck on technical matters, Markus is always the go-to person. He is by far the best indoor golfer in our company sports group and is rarely at a loss for words.

Tina Freitag

An ear for the athletes

She was already with us for half a year as an intern in 2019 and somehow Tina has landed with us again after a creative break of three years. As Head of Athlete Services, Tina takes care of all the worries and needs of our participants. She also has a part-time job as a dog mum and can usually be found in some mountain region at the weekends.

Thorben Gerdes

Quality first

Until we got to know Thorben as an intern, we didn't know we needed a Thorben as a permanent employee. He convinced us completely with his northern German "temperament". With his help, we want to make sure that everyone involved in the Roth Triathlon is satisfied with their experience. With his new appointment in 2023, we have become a bit younger.

Vicky Elsasser

Our graphic head

Her heart beats for racing. Every graphic and design you see here on this site is Vicky's work. Sometimes in video conferences we can't hide our envy when her temporary creative studio in Sardinia flashes in the background. Vicky developed our graphic redesign 2020.

Julia Pöschl

She cares

Familiarization period, what is that? Julia joined the team in 2024 and was immediately thrown in at the deep end. "Good that you're here. We urgently need accommodation for our tops" or "Thank you for your active support in the online store" are classic phrases in the office and provide Julia's job description in a nutshell. Doesn't sound busy enough yet? When she's not in the office (which was only reluctantly approved in her employment contract 😉), Julia takes care of her kids and the garden.



Of course we also have a wild dog. Olaf has been keeping us on our toes since the end of 2022. A rescued Galgo from Spain, he has taken our hearts by storm. He is probably our strongest colleague by far, but has always managed to avoid any physical office work.



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