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And what about Challenge Family now?

Ironman Europe became Challenge Roth. Due to unacceptable organisational and financial demands, the contract with World Triathlon Corporation was terminated at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2002, Herbert Walchshöfer pioneered a new start after giving back the Ironman brand in 2001 - and founded the new "Quelle Challenge Roth".
The premiere on 14 July 2002 was an immediate success - and a highly convincing one: "Roth remains Roth", the newspapers championed, and "fans remain loyal to their triathlon".

After more successful events, the second race of the series followed in 2007 in Wanaka, New Zealand. From Roth, the expansion of the Challenge brand began, which after the tragic death of founder Herbert Walchshöfer, was initially divided between his widow Alice and Felix and Kathrin.

After the expansion of the series to over 35 events, we withdrew from the management of Challenge Family in 2015. Since then, we have been taking care of the triathlon classic in Roth as TEAMCHALLENGE exclusively with a small team and a lot of heart and soul.

Meanwhile, Challenge Family, based in Almere in the Netherlands, organises over 35 races around the globe. Of course, we are in regular contact with our colleagues in the series, such as attending the annual race director meeting. It is also important for us to exchange information with representatives of the Professional Triathletes Organisation, Ironman Germany, with whom we talk every year to avoid scheduling conflicts, and many independent races - all with the aim of making the race and the sport of triathlon better for fans, athletes and volunteers every year.

Our volunteers - always world class!

A lot has changed in triathlon and in Roth. Some things that used to be normal are now hard to imagine. Courses have been adapted, techniques have changed and last but not least corona has shaken things up.

What has remained the same is the enthusiasm of the many volunteers and the passion and warmth of the entire Roth triathlon district. We are particularly proud of this and extremely grateful. Because without this, triathlon in Roth would not be possible.

Challenge Roth in years