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DATEV Challenge Roth 2025 – Registration, cancellation and change of user profile



You can cancel your registration for the race up until the day before the race (12:00 p.m. UTC+1) without giving a reason by sending an email to or in the existing registration.
After successful cancellation, you will receive a pro rata refund of your entry fee and automatically a right of first refusal for a starting place for the following year 2026. The right of first refusal is only valid for the following year and is not transferable to another person.
Refund of the entry fee according to the following periods:

  • If you cancel by 31 October 2024: 90% of the entry fee will be refunded to you
  • If you cancel by 31 January 2025: 80% of the entry fee will be refunded to you
  • If you cancel by 30 May 2025: 70% of the entry fee will be refunded to you
  • If you cancel by 5 July 2025, 12 noon (one day before the race): 60% of the entry fee will be refunded to you

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DATEV Challenge Roth 2024 – Registration, Cancellation and change of user data

Edit or cancel your registration for 2024

The following applies to the cancellation of your DATEV Challenge Roth 2024 entry:
You can cancel your registration up to one day before the race without giving any reason. In this case, you will receive a pro-rata refund of your entry fee and a guaranteed entry for the following year.

The previous flat-rate processing fee of 90 euros will no longer apply. Instead, there will be staggered cancellation periods. For us as organizers, the closer the big day gets, the more costs increase. For example, we order your medals early, coordinate the complex logistics or prepare everything for the transition areas.


Experience shows a lot can happen during the year. The earlier you have to cancel your race, the more money you will get back:

  • If you cancel by 1 December 2023: 90% of the entry fee will be returned to you.
  • If you cancel your registration by 1 March 2024: 80%.
  • If you cancel by 1 June 2024: 70%.
  • If you cancel your registration by 6 July 2024 (one day before the race): 60%.

Of course, we hope to see you on the start line in peak fitness. However, if something unforeseen happens during the year, you can be sure that you won't lose your starting place thanks to the new regulations, so you can be sure to fulfil your dream of Roth!

The cancellation must be done online and no reasons are required.

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Registration for DATEV Challenge Roth 2024

DATEV Challenge Roth 2024 will take place on 7 July.

Registration takes place in different waves as it stands today:  

Athletes from the county of Roth (March until 5 April 2023)

The very first starting slots will be awarded to athletes from the district of Roth. With this we want to reward local athletes for their long-term loyalty and give them a guaranteed slot. Interested athletes from the district can contact us by e-mail by presenting a copy of their ID. The place of residence of the athletes must be in the district of Roth, in relays this applies to all three participants. After contacting us, we will check and if your start is approved you will receive a registration code the following week.

Donors from the Corona postponement (4 April - 10 April 2023)

All donors who supported DATEV Challenge Roth with a donation of more than 100 euros after the Corona cancellation in 2020 will receive the right to register in advance for two starts within ten years as a thank you. On April 4th,2023 the donors will automatically receive an e-mail with the exact information.

On-site registration (26 June 2023) open to all

There will be a registration immediately the day after the race. The queue for this starts at the information desk at the main entrance of the Triathlon Park (there will be a sign for this on Sunday night). From 9.00 a.m. on 26 June there will be the opportunity to register for DATEV Challenge Roth 2024. Athletes can register there according to the motto "First come, first serve". The number of individual and relay starting places is limited. Each athlete can purchase a slot (for themselves or another person). Due to the enormous popularity in recent years, however, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get a starting place. We ask for your understanding for this.  

Online registration (3 July 2023) open to all

On Monday, 3 July, 2023, we will open the online registration at 10.00 a.m. CEST here on this page. The slots will be allocated there in the order in which they were registered. We will only carry out a pre-registration in which only name, surname, date of birth, nationality and e-mail address will be requested. Every athlete who has successfully pre-registered will receive a confirmation email with their personal registration code within 24 hours. With this code the registration can be completed. Registration must be done within a week!  

NEW: Christmas charity replaces Pre Christmas Action - Important information for 6 December

Every year we learn from the athletes in the after-race survey what we should improve for the upcoming DATEV Challenge Roth.

One of the things we learnt was that the bike course was too crowded for many of you this year.
We took this to heart and have spent the last two and a half months working on measures to improve the situation for all participants.
As you know, the quality and safety of the race is our top priority. That’s why there will be no more starting places at the Pre Christmas Action this year. We know that this news will disappoint some of you who were hoping that several hundred places would once again be allocated on 6 December. Read all the details in our news section.

Information about pricing and more service and less risks for athletes in 2024