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Hot Spots

Hot Spots at DATEV Challenge Roth

Get some impressions from the Challenge Roth hot spots on th bike course und run course.

Hot Spots Bike Course


The town of Heideck is once again part of the Challenge Family. The whole own will be on his feet, cheering on every athlete and carrying them through the streets. The “Hütten Hustler” from Heideck together with the Home and traffic association will provide the spectators with cool drinks and tasty food. Additional the Red Bull truck and a host will produce great atmosphere and update the fans with current race news. The one who know the people of Heideck know the Challenge feeling is alive here.


In Obermässing is one of the new hot spots. It is located right in the middle of the town, directly at the left bend of the main street, opposite of the local inn. The hot spot is organized by the Obermässing fire brigade and numerous volunteers. Spectators can take a seat at the beer benches and watch the race. There will also be barbecue, coffee and home-made cakes as well as cool drinks.


An inclusive hot spot organized by the Regens Wagner Stiftung Zell.

Solar Hill

The highlight in Hilpoltstein is Solar Hill with its „La Ola del Solar“ Tour-de-France-Feeling. The heart is the stage. Major Markus Mahl and Sigi Tretbar together with the team of the city of Hilpoltstein will inform the spectators about race news while a big clock on the hill provide the race time. The juvenile drummers of Hilpoltstein will put the crowd in a great atmosphere and „carry the athletes up the hill“ with samba rythms. In addiction right next to the course the „Pyraser beer garden“ will care for you with great food and cool drinks. Further highlights will be the balloon contest for kids up to 12 years sponsored by the Pyraser Brewery as well as a bouncing castle by the Hilpoltstein fire department.

In addition, the mobile cocktail bar from Helmut Tempelmeier offers "cool" drinks and at the Hilpoltstein Booth you can get information and a race guide or buy the popular new Solarer Berg T-shirt. The Tobias Ullmann Bike Workshop from Hilpoltstein will also be there again with latest bikes and accessories on display.

Hilpoltstein, Allersberger Straße

At Allersberger Straße in Hilpoltstein, near Buchstaller bike shop, the members of the Hilpoltstein bike club will provide the spectators with current race news, especially regarding local athletes. The stand of Café Grimm will offer many specialities.

Hot Spots Run Course

TKN Hot Espaner Berg

The Hot Spot organized by Team Klinikum Nürnberg e.V. is right in the heart of the run course with a great atmosphere and loud support. The spectators will experience a familiar flair with a lot of music and noise. Like last year there will be live music by the locally known band “Crimson”. Moreover, there will be current news, seats as well as food and drinks provided by a bistro and a bakery nearby. Whether right at the beginning of the marathon, while swinging forth and back between the landing stage and Roth’s inner city and Büchenbach as well as right before the last and most beautiful meters of the race: at this Hot Sport everyone is warmly welcomed!

Laufteam Fürth

At the Lände Roth at “landing stage south” (Berchinger Street) the hot spot of Running Team Fürth is located. The athlete passes this point 3 times at kilometers 4, 12 and 24, where a DJ and a moderation-duo will heat up the place. The physical well-being will be insured. You get there by car via the landing stage Roth.

Red Bull Energy Zone

Party directly in the center of Roth

Valley of Tears - Support needed here !!!

At the end of Sandgasse close to Roth’s inner city and still directly in the green countryside a beautiful typical Bavarian beer garden will be put up directly at the riverside. Just a short walk from the market place along the run course direction Büchenbach you can find the club site of Spvgg Roth with its Hot Spot. All athletes cross a bridge above the beer garden. With cool food trucks (smoked pulled pork, pasta, and vegan) and cold drinks everyone can relax and cheer on the athletes on the front line from noon to the evening. A pavilion will offer protection from sun or rain. The Hardtseemafia together with the Schwabacher Goldmobil will provide a great atmosphere and support for every single athlete. This hot spot is especially suitable for families, offering activities for kids.

Büchenbacher Weiherschleife / Rathausplatz und Dorfweiher

Büchenbach is looking forward to once again being part of the run course and hosting the athletes and multitude of spectators along Rother Straße. The Büchenbacher Weiherschleife around the village pond is another highlight from 12 noon when the first athletes arrive to cheers.

In addition, local clubs offer the world's best Langos from our partner community Németkér, Hungary along with cocktails, donuts, BBQs and coffee and cake. Our live DJ Mike Hotten and presenters Mehmet "Memo" Ülker and Steven Pawlowicz will give the athletes and spectators plenty of energy. The bars along Rother Straße are also a great place to watch the race from.