Frequently Asked Questions Around the Cancellation of DATEV Challenge Roth 2020

It is with a heavy heart we have made the decision to cancel DATEV Challenge Roth on 5 July 2020 due to the current global health crisis with the SARS-CoV-2-Virus. After consulting with the authorities, it is the only responsible choice to make.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the cancellation of DATEV Challenge Roth 2020. These FAQs will be updated continuously.

Why was the event cancelled early?

It was the most difficult decision we have had to make in our history. Now we have reached a point where we can no longer guarantee the health and physical safety of the athletes, nor the high level of competition you expect.

We have also been greatly concerned by the many registered athletes from so many countries whose training conditions are subject to massive restrictions, are affected by curfews, or who, in some cases, have even contracted SARS-CoV-2-Virus.

Caring for our athletes, and also for all our volunteers and everyone involved in Challenge, is always the main priority at DATEV Challenge Roth, now more than ever. We are particularly thinking of our more than 7,500 volunteers who are the heart and soul of our event and who we must not and do not want to put at risk. The same applies to the emergency and rescue workers involved in the organization. In the current difficult situation, they are working almost around the clock to help people and, yes, to save lives. We cannot put any additional burden on them.

Why isn't the race postponed to autumn?

We did of course discuss this at length. However, the coronavirus situation is extremely dynamic. According to experts, it is still not clear whether the global situation will improve dramatically in the coming weeks. In order to avoid having to postpone the event and then possibly disappoint athletes, volunteers and spectators with another cancellation, we decided to cancel the 2020 race completely early on.

When will the next DATEV Challenge Roth take place?

The next DATEV Challenge Roth will take place on 4 July 2021. We would like to celebrate the biggest triathlon party then with you.

I would like to show solidarity with the organizer and support the race. What can I do about it?

As you know, this is purely a family business, there is no other investor behind us who can support us or provide us with additional funds. Nevertheless, we have a deep desire and a firm intention to organize our DATEV Challenge Roth event with the help of our athletes, friends and supporters – and it will be a good one - to lead the future.

For those who can, we ask you to voluntarily waive part of the refund in support of Challenge, the proceeds of which provide an emergency fund to ensure the long-term survival of our brand. For this we ask you to email us at and tell us how much you would like to donate. We want to thank you for your generosity. With a solidarity donation of €100 or more, you will receive two opportunities of advance registration for DATEV Challenge Roth over the next 10 years. This is only possible for athletes who registered for 2020. Thank you in advance for your support.

Why don't you postpone my registration until next year?

You registered for DATEV Challenge Roth on 5 July 2020. Therefore, we cannot legally assume you can enter in a different year. We are acting in the best interests of the athletes. That is why, unlike some other organizers, we refund the entry fee (minus 90 euros processing fee and any voluntary donation) back to the participants promptly. At the same time, we would of course be happy to see you in Roth in 2021. For this reason, we offer all 2020 registered athletes priority pre-registration for 4 July 2021. You can find more information about registration here

How can I benefit from my entry protection plan?

UPDATE: All athletes who booked the Entry Protection Plan for 2020 will automatically get this insurance for 2021 with no additional costs! We have to admit that we did not think that thought quite to the end before the cancellation of DATEV Challenge Roth. We want to say sorry and thank you for your feedback about the handling of the Entry Protection Plan. We think the transformation to 2021 is now a good and fair solution for our athletes.

With the entry protection plan, you are always well protected and can benefit, even in such a difficult situation. Before everyone else, you will have the opportunity to register for DATEV Challenge Roth 2021. At the April 14 you get an mail with your personal entry code with this code you can register here. In addition, you will of course get your entry fee for 2020 (minus processing fee and any voluntary donation) promptly refunded.


How do I get my entry fee back?

It is important to us you get your entry fee refunded as soon as possible. We have arranged for a direct refund of the entry fee (minus the processing fee) through our service provider mika: timing. The money will automatically be in your account. Please understand that this may take some time due to the large number of cancellations. If it takes longer than two weeks, feel free to write us a mail to Please also check your bank details in the Athlete's portal.

Where can I find my ID number?

You can find your ID in your initial registration mail. However, if you could not find it anymore, it is also ok to name your date of birth, e.g. in your mail to This also works. Thank you.

I had registered for DATEV Challenge Roth 2020 and now I want to race on 4 July 2021. What do I have to do?

Thank you for staying with us and wanting to race again in Roth. All athletes who have registered for 2020 have the opportunity to secure a starting place before regular registration. At the April 14 or 15 you get an mail with your personal entry instructions.

What about the other events around DATEV Challenge Roth?

In order to ensure the health of all participants, all events during race week and the Kick-Off Weekend on 2/3 May 2020 are cancelled. Unfortunately, the accompanying triathlon expo cannot be held either. If you have registered for Junior Challenge, Challenge-for-All or Challenge Women, please contact the respective organizers directly. Thank you for your understanding.

I had not registered for DATEV Challenge Roth 2020, but I would like to register for 2021. What do I have to do?

We are pleased you want to race Roth in 2021. You can register online from Monday 20 April 20 at 10:00 am for either and individual or a relay entry

Why is the 2021 entry fee higher than 2020?

DATEV Challenge Roth has four sources of income: athlete entry fees, sponsorship, the expo and merchandise, 90% of which is sold during race weekend. The expo was fully booked. All exhibitors will get their money back because so many small exhibitors are worried about how they will survive. The 2020 entry fees will be repaid less a 90 euros admin fee, contrary to the general trend. Despite the cancellation of DATEV Challenge Roth 2020, we still plan to offer you a high-quality race in 2021. And we, as a small team of eight permanent employees, will go above and beyond to ensure this happens. Due to the most severe economic consequences in Challenge Roth’s history, resulting from the race cancellation, we unfortunately have to adjust the entry fee for 2021. The price for a an individual entry is 599 euros. The price for a relay team is 725 euros. With your registration, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience with so many moments packed full of emotion and look forward to celebrating the biggest triathlon party of all time with you on 4 July 4 2021.

What happens to my pending orders in the Challenge Shop? Can I continue to order?

The Challenge Shop is open - All current orders will continue to be processed by us immediately. Every order supports your favourite race. Orders over 100 euros within Germany and over 200 euros worldwide are delivered free of charge.

Will there be several ways to register again? (online, in person…)

Due to the exceptional circumstances this year, registration will only be possible online. Registration for everyone will take place on Monday 20 April 2020 at 10:00am here (registration link). Unfortunately, we cannot offer on-site registration due to the cancellation of the event. Of course, we will continue our tradition of reopening registration as part of the charitable Nikolaus campaign to award the last tickets >>>

Does the Entry Protection Plan still exist?

There will also be an Entry Protection Plan package for registration in 2021. This eliminates the risk of losing your entry fee due to cancellation due to illness or other reasons. In such instances, you have a guaranteed entry for the following year. You can book the entry insurance when you register or until 31 December at

Will there be insurance in the future that will also apply to events such as the Coronavirus crisis?

Even in such a case, we recommend the Entry Protection Plan, which you can book when you register and until 31 December. This ensures that you are well protected and will receive your entry fee (minus administration fee) up to one day before the race and, if cancelled, a guaranteed starting place for the following year.

I have booked private accommodation/vacation/flights. Do I get the money back for this?

In this case, please contact the supplier with whom you have booked the respective services. We have no influence on contracts with third parties eg other organizations, service providers, airlines, ... and cannot pay for them.

I was not registered for 2020, but want to show solidarity. How can I help?

We are overwhelmed by your feedback and can’t thank you enough. Another great way to support us is through our Challenge Shop with it’s quality clothing and accessories. With every purchase you support DATEV Challenge Roth.

As we are often asked for our account details, please find them below:
Bank: Sparkasse Mittelfranken Süd
IBAN: DE62 7645 0000 0750 3762 87


Can I qualify for the right to two pre-registrations even if I didn’t have a 2020 entry?

The right to two pre-registrations over the next ten years applies only to athletes who were registered for 2020 and have donated 100 euros or more into the solidarity fund. No purchase is possible.

What will the €90 processing fee be used for?

A total of eight permanent employees work on a single race all year round and do everything possible to create a unique experience for athletes from all over the world at the Roth triathlon dream factory. No-one, not even experts, could have anticipated a coronavirus would take over the world and would lead to the cancellation of the event. We had already made advance payments for many areas, ordered large quantities of equipment, materials and event technology and commissioned services that are sometimes required for the entire year. Most could not be recouped with the unplanned cancellation just three months before the race. Unfortunately, there is no insurance against such events. The processing fee only partially covers these costs, the rest will fall to us to cover.

We will be back next year. And we will celebrate with you all on 4 July 2021 in Roth at the largest triathlon party ever!

Until then: take care and above all, stay healthy.

See you at the finish line in 2021 in Roth!

Yours n friendship
Alice, Felix and Kathrin Walchshöfer and the entire team