Win original 2019 DATEV Challenge Roth Sunglasses

Win original 2019 DATEV Challenge Roth Sunglasses
Instagram and Facebook Prize Competition

From calendar week 21 on the original 2019 DATEV Challenge Roth sunglasses made by UVEX will be available in our shop and are now ready to be ordered in advance.

You can win one of six pairs of the popular and limited glasses in advance on our Social Media channels. You can win 3 pairs on Instagram and 3 on Facebook.

How to win?

- On Instagram:
Just follow our channel @challengeroth and comment below the competition post, why you should win them, The three comments with the most likes are the winners.

- On Facebook:
On our Facebook page just comment or submit a photo below the competition post why the glasses should be yours. The three comments with the most likes win here, as well.

The competition ends at Monday, May 20, 2019, 12pm.

Good luck


The entry conditions:
Facebook Prize Competition: 6x1 Original UVEX DATEV Challenge Roth sunglasses 2019

  1. What can you win? By entering the competition, 6 people can win an Original UVEX DATEV Challenge Roth sunglasses. 3 sunglasses will be given away via Facebook and 3 via Instagram.
  2. How can you win? Entry in the competition can take place during the time period listed below at the Facebook page "Challenge Roth" (https://www.facebook.com/ChallengeRoth/) and the Instagram page “challengeroth” (https://www.instagram.com/challengeroth/)
    You can enter the competition by posting a commentary at the Challenge Roth Facebook or Instagram post. On Instagram, you additionally have to follow @challengeroth
  3. The competition ends at Monday, May 20, 2019, 12pm.
  4. Who can participate? Entry is free of charge and available for any individual. Entry requires truthful statements from participants concerning required data. Sweepstakes associations and automated sweepstake services are not eligible to enter. Please submit only one entry. Multiple entries will not increase your chance of winning, as they will be filtered and eliminated from the drawing.
  5. Who is excluded from the competition? Challenge Roth has the right to remove individuals or fake accounts from the competition if there are reasonable grounds to do so, such as violation of the competition rules, double or multiple entries, manipulation and so forth. It reserves the right to take legal action. Employees of "Challenge Roth" and the participating companies as well as members of their families may not take part in the competition. The organizer's decision is final.
  6. How will the winner be chosen? The commentaries with the most likes will win if article no 5 will not come into action.
  7. How can I know if I have won? "Challenge Roth" will contact the winner with a message on their Facebook or Insta comment and inform them they have won. The winner must then send Challenge Roth the necessary contact information using the corresponding feature on the Facebook page of Challenge Roth.
  8. How do I receive my prize? When the winner is notified, Challenge Roth will request the necessary contact data in order to receive the prize. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the contact data.
  9. What happens when I don’t respond to the prize notification? If the winner does not respond within two business days after notification from "Challenge Roth", the prize is forfeited. In this case, a new winner will be chosen from the pool of valid participants. The same is true if the winner of the "Challenge Roth" competition gives false contact data and the prize cannot be delivered.
  10. Proviso: Challenge Roth retains the right to modify, suspend or terminate the competition at any time, without previous notice and without reason. Challenge Roth will only use this option in the case of force majeure, technical issues (for example, computer viruses, manipulation or hardware or software defects) or if, for legal reasons, a proper execution of the competition cannot be guaranteed. Challenge Roth is not liable for loss, malfunction or delays which were due to circumstances beyond their control and which lie outside of their area of responsibility.
  11. Data Privacy Policy: Your safety and satisfaction are our goal. Challenge Roth will save and process the data collected only for the implementation of the prize competition.
  12. Other Conditions: A cash reimbursement of the prize is not possible. Prize claims are not transferable to other persons. The organizer's decision is final. If individual provisions of entry are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall be unaffected. In their place an appropriate provision will apply which most closely corresponds to the purpose of the invalid provision.
  13. Exemption of Facebook and Instagram: This competition is run by TEAMCHALLENGE GmbH, Otto-Schrimpff-Strasse 14, 91154 Roth. This organization has no affiliation with Facebook and Instagram and are in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook or Instagram. Information will be transferred to "Challenge Roth" not to Facebook.
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