When the Aussies put on traditional costumes

At the „Erdinger Hütt´ngaudi“ at the „Triathlonpark“ in Roth, whichs kicks off DATEV Challenge Roth's triathlon festival, everything is a little different from the normal ways of the world of endurance sports.

Tight bodice instead of functional athletic gear; knitted sockes instead of compression socks; fresh beer and pretzels instead of gel and energy bars; chiseled bodies instead of „rustic“ men and women - that's the relaxed start, which will be followed by days of performance, tempo and ambition. But nobody wants to miss this funny get-together.

The world's top triathletes raised their glasses to an exciting race at the „Erdinger Hütt´ngaudi“. 

The guests at this „meet and greet“ event are pretty international and they enjoy having a cool Erdinger beer (non-alcoholic of course – they are determined athletes after all). One would't think that Pete Jacobs, Dirk Bockel, Mirinda Carfrea and Caroline Steffen will be fierce competition come Sunday's DATEV Challenge Roth. Quite the contrary: The stars seem like one big happy family at this event hosted by Erdinger beer.

Very relaxed. And very „bavarian“. At least in the way that out-of-staters see Bavaria: as the land of accordions and guitars, of folk music and traditional costumes.

Alice and Felix Walchshöfer with crowd favourite Belinda Granger (right) and the mayor of Roth Ralph Edelhäußer.

It wasn't hard to get all the top contenders to put on some traditional costumes such as „Dirndl“ and „Lederhosen“ (most of them borrowed). They are having a good time talking to the fans and signing autographs on any imaginable surface. There is no coterie, the top athletes are happy to mingle with the rest of Sunday's starters and the fans. Everybody is enjoying this laid-back evening, even though it kind of strays away from the sport of triathlon.

Bithlon-legend Fritz Fischer is to blame for that. TEAMCHALLENGE invited him to come from Ruhrpolding to Roth and bring his mobil laser gun range. Michelle Vesterby, just like Eneko Llanos, enjoys giving this unfamiliar gadget a try. Coyly at first, but it soon grew on them.

At the „Erdinger Hütt´ngaudi“ biathlon-legend Franz Fischer taught Mirinda Carfrae how to use a laser gun.

Fischer, a first time visitor to the DATEV Challenge Roth, was fascinated. „What a great atmosphere.“ says the well-known athlete, who has alread finished to triathlons himself (Fischer: „But only short-distance.“). And he hasn't even seen the race day atmosphere – there won't be any fun and games, or rather: there won't be any bavarian „coziness“. 

Eneko Lllanos likes to switch his usual equipment for the laser gun of biathlete Fritz Fischer.  

Pictures: Weinig


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