"We are Triathletes" now in German cinemas

"We are Triathletes" now in German cinemas
With German subtitles

The US movie that has taken the triathlon world by storm, "We are Triathletes", filmed at DATEV Challenge Roth, will be released in German cinemas from 29 November with German subtitles. The unique thing about it: the movie only shows at each venue if enough tickets are sold in advance. A number of venues are already confirmed and you can book your tickets at www.Demand.Film.

At the triathlon mecca of Roth there is a special season with the film showing on 29 November, and then again from 6 to 12 December at the Bavaria-Kino-Center. Tickets for the screenings are available from the cinema. For further info: www.bavaria-roth.jimdo.com.

The documentary by Yanfeng Zhang, produced by triathlon presenter legend Bob Babbitt, has already caused a sensation in American cinemas during the summer. The lavishly produced documentary shows the preparation and the competition of six long-distance athletes, including World Champion Mirinda Carfrae, the legendary Luke McKenzie and disabled athlete Rudy Garcia-Tolson. DATEV Challenge Roth, the world's largest long-distance triathlon, features in many scenes and provides a magnificent backdrop for the 90-minute sports epic.

By booking tickets, triathlon movie fans can determine what cinemas show the movie and request further viewings of the movie. Cinema programmes already confirmed can be seen at https://de.demand.film/we-are-triathletes/.


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