Timo Bracht wins 30th anniversary

In the end, the German from Eberbach had the better legs. Only 12 km before the finish line he caught his fellow countryman Nils Frommhold who had led the entire race from the start. But during the run, Bracht steadily came closer to Frommhold and then never conceded the victory, even though it was clearly visible how hard his “work day” was today. In tropical and humid conditions at temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius he was cheered on by the always enthusiastic crowds in Roth and could cross the finish line after 7:56:00 hours, which also secured him the title of German champion. This means a dream come true for him. At his previous starts in Roth, his best result was a second place. However, he explained at the finish: “Dreaming alone is not enough!” Bracht decided to declare Roth to “his Hawaii” and geared his training to this day.


Second place went to Nils Frommhold in 8:00:39 hours. He enjoyed the last meters around the once again larger finish stadium and explained with a big smile on his face: “I came here to win and I knew that I had to hurt a few people on the bike. But I had not planned to hurt everyone! Towards the end, I was lacking a bit. But I have to come back here, this was an incredible experience!”

Third place went to Spain’s Eneko Llanos who won the fight for the last podium shot agains Australia’s Joe Gambles. Llanos needed 8:09:29 hours.

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