Thank you for your passion!

Dear athletes,

at DATEV Challenge Roth, the big anniversary event of “30 years of triathlon in Roth”, we all were able to celebrate a great, emotional birthday party, which inspired hundreds of thousands of people throughout the county of Roth and far beyond that. We think this year’s event was just brilliant, and again caused quite a stir throughout the world. So the race definitely did credit to its reputation as the world’s most enjoyable triathlon. At the same time, it was probably one of the hardest competitions in the past 30 years due to the extreme weather conditions. The race cost the athletes all they had, just like the race managers, volunteers, staff members, fans and supporters. We know very well that everyone went up to their limits, and even beyond. We would like to express our deepest respect and sincere thanks to all of you for your unique commitment in such difficult conditions. Thanks so much for the passion you have associated with DATEV Challenge Roth – and lots of you for many years.


Alice, Felix und Kathrin Walchshöfer
and all members of TEAMCHALLENGE

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