Second record: Never been faster on the bike

He was only on the bike for 4:05:37 hours: Cameron Wurf, here in transition zone 2.
Picture: Claudia Weinig, TEAMCHALLENGE

Cameron Wurf set a new best time in the second discipline at the DATEV Challenge Roth

We certainly need to bring this to light before the race reaches its final phase. At the DATEV Challenge Roth not only did Lucy Charles set a new record while swimming, but Cameron Wurf also set a new best mark in the second discipline.

The former professional biker from Australia only needed 4:05:37 for the 180 kilometers that lead him through the southern county of Roth. He was two and a half minutes faster that the former record holder, Jan Frodeno, who set the record during his world-best-time race in 2016 (4:08:07 hours). Even Sebastian Kienle, who has taken the lead on the run course in the meantime, stayed under Frodeno’s old record with a time of 4:07:29 hours.


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