Roth a sense of lifestyle

Roth a sense of lifestyle
Age Groupers are celebrated along with first place winners at the finish line party

The race is now over 14 hours old, but yet the hour strikes for the Age Groupers in the stadium. They cross the finish line one after the other, single starters, whole relay teams and are greeted and celebrated exactly like the top athletes who crossed the finish line six hours previously.

When the athletes cross the finish line, they leave 3,8 km swim, 180 km bike, a marathon and uncountable impressions behind them. The last 100 meters turns your world around – the stadium rocks! Beats and party atmosphere makes each finish become an unforgettable event.

Together at the finish line, Athletes from New Zealand. 
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

The Bayerische Runkfunk goes on air at exactly 10 p.m., live from the middle of the stadium into their sports studio. Thousands of green glow sticks and about as many cell phone lights go out into TV world.

Another father crosses the finish line with his children and another finisher gets his medal put around his neck, but not just because that’s how it’s done. No! The top placed athletes are back at the finish line congratulating the Age Groupers! Among the top in Triathlon, are last years winner, Jan Frodeno, who set a new world best time in Roth and Chrissie Wellington, from Great Britian, who in 2011 after 8:18:13 hours crossed the finish line and set a record that has yet to be reached.

Triathlon Dream Factory Roth – each finisher gets celebrated as a top winner.
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

The atmosphere gets even more intense as the cheerleaders from DATEV cause a commotion with their eye-catching acrobatic. Yet slowly things start to get serious, the deadline gets closer and closer. It’s almost time for the big firework show which marks the official end of the day.

However, before things end, Alice, Kathrin and Felix Walchshoefer climb the stage in the middle of stadium under thundering applause, obviously aroused by this unbelievable race day! However, the biggest applause goes out to the 7,000 volunteers, who helped make the Triathlon-County of Roth not only world famous, but what it is today. A county that lives and breaths triathlon, as Felix Walchshoefer said. Roth is not just a county, but more so, the county Roth is a sense of lifestyle!

The firework show starts just before the official end as the last runners cross the finish line. Thousands of little stars dance in the stadium, dipping it into a special light. A brilliant finale for the Triathlon Dream Factory Roth!

A crown finish for a grandiose triathlon day, Fireworks in the triathlon stadium.
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

But someone is still missing: Where is Fireman Robert “Rob” Verhelst? Even after the official end, notice comes in that he is still underway, slowly but with an iron will to cross the finish line. Fireman Rob, supported by volunteers from the Bavarian Red Cross runs towards the finish. Having been part of the clean-up operation after 9/11 in New York caused enormous stress on him. He was able to combat this burden through the sport of triathlon and has since started many races to raise money for his charity for seriously ill children. He runs the marathon in ful uniform, with the helmet and respiratory equipment. He is the reason why, even after the official end, no one wants to leave the stadium. When Fireman Rob nears the finish thunderous applause erupts for a second time accompanied by cheers, and together with his firemen friends from the Roth Fire Company they cross the finish line!

Finally at the finish -  Fireman Rob crosses the finish line.
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


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