Recreation, shopping and much consulting

Even two days before Sunday's race there is a lot going on at the stadium of DATEV Challenge Roth. The “Triathlon-Expo“ is even bigger and more spacious than in the last years. At the stands of „Challenge-World“ or at the „Challenge-Women-Lounge“, athletes, their companions and exhibitors feel right at home.

Even bigger, even more to see. At the „Triathlon-Expo“ there is something for everybody. Photo: Claudia Weinig

Markus Heimerl organised the event at the municipal hall and is happy: „People come here to get advise. They are in no hurry and they are interested in the latest developments. That's almost like a specialized fair. We, the exhibitors, really enjoy ourselves at the „Challenge“ and the athletes appreciate the high level of consulting they get.“

At „Challenge World“, right across the street from the municipal hall, one can't help but notice that the visitors are having a good time. Totally relaxed they shop for souvenirs or try on t-shirts and sweatshirts . Two women are happily browsing a bucket full of socks: „You can never have enough gym socks.“ Next to the stadium there are trithlon bikes on dispay, athletes are getting their little sores attended, while others are inquiring about the special nutrition or looking for new sports gear.

There is also plenty of entertainment for the kids at the Expo. Photo: Claudia Weinig

He who strolls a little further around the finish line stadium arrives at the „Challenge-Lounge“ where he can listen to the top athletes being interviewed by Tobias Ködel. You can also find information about the Challenge Family's other races. For the ladies, there is a special place at the „Challenge-Women-Lounge“. There, they can get massages, find information about sport bras or just relax.

For the ones who like to keep it active, there are „smovey –Workouts“, which allow you to test this new piece of sports equipment. On Saturday, at the „Challenge Women“ there will be a photobox where you can take your picture as a memory; there will be tattoos for your skin and your hair, and while the finishers relax at the finish line they can have a glas of prsecco, Erdinger nonalcoholic beer, almond mild or some fruit. They can also complete their traditional costume or get personalized compression socks.

By the way: The Expo will be open all weekend and also, for the „late-comers“, on Monday morning.

Qualified and free counseling is offered at many stands. Photo: Claudia Weinig



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