Pure emotions and hot weather at “Challenge Women“

Pure emotions and hot weather at “Challenge Women“

Since 2013 DATEV Challenge Roth has added another attraction. And so, this year, too, there will be the “Challenge Women” exclusively for female athletes on the day before the “Best Old Race”.

The expo for „Challenge Women” opened its gates on Saturday. Here women can find everything related to women in sports. And they can also participate in workouts or Yoga sessions.

The expo at „ Challenge Women“ gets busy.

Saturday was the big day for 2.200 female runners. They had the chance to have a quick look at the expo area before they started their warm-up shortly before the start of the race. At 10:15AM female pro athlete Lucy Charles-Barclay fired the starting gun for the sold out “Challenge Women 2019”. At this time, temperatures had already reached more than 20 degrees and two supply booths were set up along the 5km race course. But the athletes didn’t mind the high temperatures, they were already infected by the great and emotional atmosphere surrounding the race.

Lucy Charles-Barclay fires the starter gun fort he race

Pro athlete Yvonne van Vlerken finished after 18:21 minutes, but because of her pro status, she was taken out of the ranking.

Just about 30 seconds later there was a winner: Julia Skala of IfL Hof (18:52 minutes). Another 9 seconds later Corinna Bittel (LAC Quelle Fürth) took second place and after 19:38 minutes Zane Grike finished third.

For the Nordic Walkers, Sophia Weyrauther from Hilpolstein finished first, followed by Caro Schratt from Schöllang (35:33 minutes) and Maria Schilder from Roth (35:52 minutes).

Winner Julia Skala

After crossing the finish line, the women where met with sparkling wine or cool non-alcoholic Erdinger beer, plenty of snacks and a great atmosphere at “Challenge Women”.

Everyone was looking for some shade

Not only the three fastest runners and Nordic Walkers were honored, but also the oldest participant (81 y/o) and the club, which had the most members running in funny costumes.

The contenders for „best costume“

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