Personalized Finisher Collection

Personalized Finisher Collection

Do you often think of the moment when you run into the Roth Triathlon Stadium, completely exhausted, but overjoyed?

Only very few manage to finish a long-distance triathlon in the Roth Stadium. For this reason, we have something very special for you. For the first time, we are offering you an individual finisher collection, printed with your first and last name and your personal finish time.

Your items will be manufactured here in the Roth triathlon district with the highest quality from RenéRosa, the brand trusted by Anne Haug and Andi Dreitz.

There is no risk with your order. If the event has to be cancelled at short notice or unfortunately you don’t start/finish on 5 September, you will be refunded.

The following products are available for customisation:

You can choose multiple products. If you order now, you will receive your purchases about six weeks after the race. Of course, your order does not affect your "normal" finisher shirt. You will receive this in the recovery area after you have crossed the finish line.

Find more information about the products and the ordering procedure in our online shop.


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