“Oldies“ will be rocking Roth

It’s a small sensation: Sister Madonna Buder, a nun from Spokane/Washington, US, 83 years “young”, will be the oldest participant in DATEV Challenge Roth. And thus she will also be the oldest person who has ever taken part in a long-distance triathlon. This is a world-record! As a member of the non-canonicalSisters for Christian Community”, she is independent and has had the freedom to choose her own lifestyle. And sports is an important part of it, although Sister Madonna came to triathlon quite late. She started training at age 48, completed her first triathlon at age 52 and her first long-distance race at age 55. When Felix Walchshöfer got to know 83-year-old Sister Madonna (who will celebrate her 84th birthday four days after DATEV Challenge Roth) at a competition in the US, he was at once excited about the charismatic athlete – and was able convince her to take part in Roth. Unfortunately, Sister Madonna had a severe bike accident during her training in April, so she was not sure for a long time whether she could participate in Roth. But by mid June, the race organizers were relieved to receive an e-mail from her telling them that she was fit again and looking forward to her participation in Roth. She expects to finish the race in about 15 hours, and 220,000 spectators are going to keep their fingers crossed for her.

In comparison with Sister Madonna, Kurt Einsiedel from Wendelstein near Roth seems to be a real youngster. He was born in 1936, so he is “only” 78 years young. Nevertheless, Kurt is a real triathlon legend in Roth: He already took part in the first “Franconian Triathlon” in 1984, finishing the race as the best athlete from the county of Roth and reaching the seventh place of the overall ranking. And this year Kurt will of course take part again in the 30th anniversary event. In the meantime, he has participated far more than 20 times in the “best old race”. So Kurt Einsiedel is part of Challenge history and has long become a legend himself. At age 78, Kurt is still in top form, and he says he always has tears in his eyes when he rides up the Solar Hill. After 30 years, he has become the “face of Challenge”. As a small thank-you gift, TEAMCHALLENGE has included his image in its current retro marketing campaign: On the Internet, on posters and in advertisements, forever young Kurt Einsiedel represents the legendary, forever young triathlon event in Roth.

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