"Not a single positive case"

Roth triathlon proves conclusively: sports events with a well thought out concept are not an infection driver


On 5 September 2021, DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep took place with an extensive protection and hygiene concept. After more than two weeks, the health and district office have now confirmed the event had no effect on the infection rate in the region. The Roth triathlon has proven it is possible to hold high-quality, safe sporting events for athletes even during COVID.

“The organiser worked out a comprehensive hygiene concept and implemented it in an exemplary manner. We didn't have a single positive case that could be traced back to Challenge,” said the head of the Roth Health Department, Stefan Schmitzer. The senior civil servant in the Roth District Office, Jörg Pfaffenritter, is also satisfied with how the event turned out. “From the point of view of the security and traffic authorities, the 2021 Challenge ran smoothly. The safety and hygiene concept were implemented very well and consistently."

For the police, who monitored the implementation of the concept on a large scale, DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2021 was a complete success. “The organiser's hygiene concept was implemented excellently and the visitors also adhered to it in an exemplary manner. There were few spectators on the course. They kept to the minimum distances so the police did not need to intervene at any time,”explains the chief inspector of the Roth Police Inspectorate, Christian Trelka. “There were also significantly fewer inquiries on the public telephone than in previous years. Overall, we are very satisfied with the way the event went and thank everyone involved and the spectators!"

Race director, Felix Walchshöfer, is also grateful and praised the cooperation of all those involved. “The cooperation with all the authorities involved in the run-up to, during and after the event was and is incredibly constructive. When everyone pulls together, a lot is possible; this also includes the discipline of our athletes with their supporters, the expo exhibitors and visitors as well as our volunteers. This shows not only the vaccination rate of 90% among our athletes, but also the willingness to consistently adhere to the protection and hygiene concept. It was clear everyone wanted to attend triathlons and events again, even under slightly different circumstances."

In order to be on the safe side, the organiser, TEAMCHALLENGE, stuck to its strict protection and hygiene concept at DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep with half of the participants, FFP2 masks on the entire event site and the 3G rule and even exceeded the Ordinance of Measures of the Free State of Bavaria.

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