Little big city



Little big city
Roth welcomes its guests with an entertainment program at the „Seebühne“ (stage by the lake)

When the world comes calling, this small town shows what it's made of. It is a beautiful tradition, that on the Challenge weekend's Friday, the city of Roth welcomes its guests with an entertaining program at the Seebühne. And this tradition was honoured this year, too.

Mayor Ralph Edelhäußer's visit was rather short this year, since he was already wearing his swimming gear under his suit and almost on his way to the public pool for the start of the relay teams at Junior Challenge. So the head of the city quickly handed the mic over to second mayor (and race director for the swim course of DATEV Challenge Roth) Hans Raithel, danced a quick dance with the little ones from Eckersmühlen's kindergarden and then he was gone.

The steps in front of the Seebühne were packed as every year with a mixed crowd: Kindergarden parents, athletes and fans from all over the world, and enthusiastic locals.

The kids from the kindergarden sang, danced  drummed and enjoyed the attention.

More used to the attention were the dancers of the RCV (Roth's carnival club): With acrobatic and graceful moves, the two „Tanzmariechen“  Pauline Heckmann and Rebekka Ams took the stage.

The dancing team „Die Prinzengarde“ put on a scary show with their dance „Gruselkabinett"(haunted house). The showdance group "Irish Magic", the smallest department of local sports club TSG, made its debut this year with a performance of tap dancing.

Alice Walchshöfer, is happy, that DATEV Challenge Roth, 15 years after its humble beginnings in an office in her home's cellar, has developed into a huge event with worldwide recognition. She thanks the town and its citizens for their support. „Our goal was to make the world take notice of our small town. Together, we have accomplished that.“

Fabian Conrad grew up with triathlon in Roth. The local hero will be in Sunday's race and he plans to - as he told second mayor Raithel – finish this time. He had to drop out two times already – this year tthe finish line is his ultimate goal.


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