Kienle‘s wife sets the pace

Pink is a must. Being fast is an option. Having fun is unavoidable. The Challenge Women is a literal „mass movement“, when 2000 women take to the course and enjoy themselves before, during and after the race.
Foto: Claudia Weinig, TEAMCHALLENGE


Is this win at the Challenge Women a good sign for the top contender?

It is a well-known fact that this year‘s favorite to win DATEV Challenge Roth, Sebastian Kienle, is a fast runner. But apparently he is not the only fast runner in his family: At the Challenge Women, the 5k-women-only-run, which is held the day before the big race, his wife Tine left behind the 1999 other women to win the race after 17:35 minutes.

Second-placed Julia Skala from Würzburg finished after 18:39 minutes. Third-placed Lena Blankertz, who has come with her whole family from Mönchengladbach to support her father, who is racing on Sunday, receives a special applause: At 17 years old, she is one of the youngest athletes in the field. And one of the fastest (19:16)

But back to the winner: Is her win a good sign for “Sebi’s” race tomorrow? asks the commentator Tobias Ködel the slightly build winner of the Challenge Women, Tine Kienle, just after her finish. It takes her less than a minute to get her breathing back to normal and answer: “It would be great if tomorrow he has a race as good as I just did.” 



Talking about “having a good race”: That goes for the whole starter field on this sunny summer day. 

Challenge Women at DATEV Challenge Roth – it has grown to be more than a race in pink were female amateur athletes are welcome to test their skills. Challenge Women – that is a feeling, an experience, an event. It is a must-do for female athletes because it is so much fun. Simple as that. 

Of course it is also taxing. A 5k run under race conditions in 30 degree weather is no walk in the park. But they all rise up to the challenge and join this race here, in an environment where athletic top performances are common. Running aficionados and leisurely runners, girls who usually like to wear full make-up, and also the runner who is already thinking about a location for celebrating her 80th birthday. Women with baby carriers, Mickey Mouse hats, headphones, creative costumes and walking sticks – they are all part of this race. They are all full of smiles, especially after crossing the finish line, where the “After Challenge Women” begins.

This starts with the „Hardtsee Mafia“ whose male members act as “medal girls“, then on to the beauty lounge for massages and make up. The food stalls don’t offer the usual energy bars but things that would have many men shaking their heads… Here is a little hint: “vegan” and “organic”

The men on the other hand act as cheerleaders, keep the kids entertained while mom is racing and in the end celebrate the finishers – no matter which place it is. . The only thing that matters is participation. It was great fun. And next year they are going to do it again!



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