„I just keep going!“

A dream comes true - Daniela Sämmler wins DATEV Challenge Roth 2018
Foto: Vicky Elsasser, TEAMCHALLENGE

"I just keep going!"
The big family of athletes honours their fastest and best!

The Awards Ceremony started with applause for the athletes who spent their night queuing to register for DATEV Challenge Roth 2019. First in line was Wolfgang Zimmermann from Hilpolstein who started queuing at 9:00pm.

Before awarding the coveted trophies to the winners from all categories, local politicians and sponsors have their views of the race. Roth's mayor Ralph Edelhäußer was overwhelmed that the athletes had so much energy after their huge effort of the previous day. Hilpoltstein's mayor, Markus Mahl, was thrilled about race day and added "Solar Hill is waiting for you next year!"

Bundestag member, Marlene Mortler, said that she did not come to Roth just in her role as Drug Commissioner for the Federal Government, although it is important that everyone is "clean" but also to support all those who love this race, saying she admires everyone who competes.

For Ralf Reiter from title sponsor DATEV, it's very clear that DATEV is not just a sponsor, but considers itself part of a giant family.

DATEV Challenge Roth competition directors also acknowledged those representing the 7,000 volunteers who ensured a smooth running of race day.

Race director Felix Walchshöfer was very happy about the highest finisher rate for years. 93% of the athletes successfully completed the race and there were no serious accidents. Felix Walchshöfer also remarked on the sportsmanship of the athletes with only 53 drafting penalties given. The atmosphere on race day was unforgettable, showing the true colours of the region.

As all the individuals were honoured on stage, special applause was given to the disabled athletes.

Then commentator, Tobias Ködel, brought the fastest woman of the day’s race up onto the stage. To great applause Daniela Sämmler climbed the podium, took the trophy and raised it in the air. Her dream of victory has come true. The applause does not end. As it slowly dies down, Tobias Ködel points to the side wall of the marquee, where at the moment the giant banner featuring her image is revealed.

In thanking Felix, Alice and Kathrin Walchshöfer , Daniela said it is "crazy what you are doing here!" and also thanked the volunteers and spectators. She had many dreams and knew that she was in good form. "But announcing you’re going to rock the race is not so easy!" She just believed in herself and gave this advice to all athletes: "Don’t give up, be self-confident, then you can succeed!"

After the ten fastest women, the ten fastest men are called to the stage one after the other. The whole tent erupted when Nuremburg local and runner-up Andreas Dreitz, took to the stage. The rookie on the long distance comes from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. But the biggest applause was for winner, Sebastian Kienle, who finished in 7:46:23.  He said there is no formula for such a race, rather it is an honour to perform in front of so many spectators. Sebi said, when he first raced in Roth, he was the underdog. Today he belongs to the establishment. "And I hate the establishment!"

He had always intended to race with his heart rather than his brain. But yesterday, he realized that although he had to run with his heart, he also knew when he needed his brain. Finally, he said he just “had to keep going!"

Last but not least, Roth's mayor Ralph Edelhäußer came on stage with a very special request for the top two. Their footprints will be installed on the new Walk of Triathlon, which will be installed in the centre of Roth during the summer.


The 10 fastest women of DATEV Challenge Roth 2018
Foto: Vicky Elsasser, TEAMCHALLENGE


The 10 fastest ladies and gentlemen of DATEV Challenge Roth 2018
Foto: Vicky Elsasser, TEAMCHALLENGE

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