The city of Roth welcomes spectators with dancing, singing and acrobatics

Big stage for little singers: During the show event hosted by the city of Roth, the kids from Eckersmühlen's kindergarten performed on the same stage where a little earlier, the “Bayern3 Band” had had their rehearsal.
Foto: TEAMCHALLENGE, Steffi Graff


Several show events kick off the “Welcome Party” at the market square

„Young ones first“ was the motto at the “Welcome Party” which was celebrated at the market square in Roth. It is already a tradition, that on late Friday afternoon, the mayors present a series of shows put together by local institutions and sports teams. For many years, this took place at the “Seebühne”, but this year the event was held at the market square, which is just the right place in the heart of the city. And it is the same place where a little later the party for the “older ones” is taking place.

Two mayors, Ralph Edelhäuser and Hans Raithel were present and had a good time announcing the presentations by the local kindergarten from Eckersmühlen, the sports and acrobatics team TSV Bernlohe and the dancing school Dance Maxx.

The spirited performances were quite a sight and thrilled the spectators, who had come in great numbers to the sunny area in front of the “Bayern3 Stage”. The young kids from Roth's biggest district enthusiastically presented a “Challenge song” and athletic tigers. After that, the kids from Bernlohe gave an impressive demonstration of body tension. The last event were three HipHop acts from the “Dance Maxx” dancing school, who really worked up a sweat during their performance.


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