Frodeno and Ryf are able to keep the distance



Frodeno and Ryf are able to keep the distance
World record chaser, Jan Frodeno and world champion, Daniela Ryf, aren’t letting anyone get in their way after the bike race.

Both were able to build up the distance between them and their pursuers in a most remarkable way.

The man with the starting number 2 is definitely the invulnerable number 1! He had twelve whole minutes ahead of his hottest competitor, Nils Frommhold, up to the second transition zone.

Close on his heels, is Frommholds training partner, Nick Kastelein who left the transition zone almost at the same time as Tyler Butterfield in order to keep up with last year’s winner.

The women‘s field is even closer after the second transition. At least the spots following world champion,Daniela Ryf. She is also on her way to a new world best time after the transition onto the running course.

The Swiss athlete almost has an advantage of fifteen minutes against the women’s trio that is chasing her. Carrie Lester, Anja Beranek and last year’s winner, Yvonne van Vlerken came out of the canal just seconds after one another and have started the marathon together after 180 kilometers on bike.



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