Frankonian Friendly Festival Feeling



Frankonian Friendly Festival Feeling
It is definitely party atmosphere with"Dog Stone Tired" and DJ Tonic at the traditional Heidecker Heritage Festival.

Frankonian Tradition and trendy party music. Some might ask, “Does that fit together?” Does it ever! Proof of it was the party night with the band "Dog Stone Tired" and DJ Tonic at the Heritage Festival in Heideck.

The people of Heideck and their guests cheered the highlights of the Festival on with trendy music, a procession worth seeing followed by friendly, high-spirited activities on the festival grounds.

In addition, the festival visitors are able to provide a fantastic atmosphere at the "Selingstädter Berg".  The gradient from Heideck towards Jura-Höhen belongs to the race course of the DATEV Challenge Roth on race day. It is considered one of the Hot Spots on the bike course.

Spectators can watch top-athletes and hobby endurance athletes up close as they pedal up the mountain.



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