DATEV Challenge Roth pioneers with “Fair Race” campaign

DATEV Challenge Roth pioneers with “Fair Race” campaign
Anti-drafting conference in Roth decides on a package of efficient measures

ROTH. On the initiative of TEAMCHALLENGE GmbH, the executive board of the German Triathlon Union (DTU), active triathletes, referees and multipliers from the triathlon area recently met in Roth with the organizers of DATEV Challenge Roth for a conference and broad discussion on the topic of anti-drafting measures. In a similar way, an anti-doping initiative had been launched in Roth several years ago. The target of the recent anti-drafting conference is to decide on a package of efficient measures against drafting.

TEAMCHALLENGE CEO Felix Walchshöfer said he had initiated the conference because there had been massive drafting in some triathlon events in 2014, which had caused a general discussion on the topic. Furthermore, there has been a change in the sports regulations, according to which the penalty for drafting was reduced from 8 to 5 minutes in order to be in line with international standards. Participants of
DATEV Challenge Roth confirmed that drafting was not very much of a problem there due to its wave starts. Nevertheless, Roth as the stronghold of triathlon, intends to take a stand and counteract drafting.
DATEV Challenge Roth, which has just been awarded the title of “Best Long-Distance Race Worldwide”
once more, has now launched a “Fair Race” campaign for next year’s event on July 12, 2015 and will implement a variety of preventive, regulatory and psychological measures on a voluntary basis.

Instead of sending an athlete to the penalty box for 8 minutes if he or she is given a black card, the participants of the conference agreed to combine a 5-minute penalty with an additional running penalty,
i. e. an additional “fair kilometer” has to be done at kilometer 30 of the run course. DTU Executive Secretary Matthias Zöll announced to accept this as a pilot project within the framework of the DTU regulations. Furthermore, at 2015 DATEV Challenge Roth there will be a change regarding the start groups, which - above all - is to provide fairer chances for female athletes. As of 2015, all female athletes will start the race in two separate groups. In addition, pro athlete will be asked to declare themselves clearly against drafting, in a similar way as is the case with the anti-doping charter. There will also be numerous optical elements to promote the “Fair Race” campaign at DATEV Challenge Roth, such as a “Wall against Drafting”, large-format signs and carpets. In addition, as has been common practice in Roth before, the organizers will continue to have 80 referees make sure that the athletes observe the rules.

TEAMCHALLENGE CEO Felix Walchshöfer: “We want the DATEV Challenge Roth event to remain a fair race among fair athletes. For me, quality, safety and fairness are still the three most important factors in our events.”


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