DATEV Challenge Roth 4 July 2021

The date is set - DATEV Challenge Roth 4 July 2021

ROTH. DATEV Challenge Roth will take place on Sunday 4 July in 2021. The world's largest triathlon over the 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run distance will be held on the first weekend in July as in previous years.

The date confirmation follows discussions between Challenge and Ironman representatives to ensure the major German long-distance races take place on different weekends. In the coming years, too, it’s important to be able to sit down at the same table and work towards the best possible solution in each case.

"I am glad we were able to reach an amicable scheduling solution with Oliver Schiek, managing director of Ironman Germany,” explains TEAMCHALLENGE managing director Felix Walchshöfer. "Ultimately, all races and most importantly, the sport of triathlon will benefit from this.

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