Daniela Ryf climbs up in the Wellington league



Daniela Ryf climbs up in the Wellington league
The Swiss athlete won, at her premier, in Roth, the long distant triathlon with the third best time ever achieved.


As with the men(Jan Frodeno), so with the women (Daniela Ryf): The Hawaii-winners have dominated the Middle Frankonien triathlon classic. Ryf won the DATEV Challenge Roth with an unbelievable time of 8:22:04 hours – and achieved the third best time ever on the long distant of 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and a 42,195 km marathon. She almost reached the fairy-tale time that the unforgettable Chrissie Wellington set during her triumphs in 2010 and 2011. However, she was just a bit faster on the course.

The sympathetic Wellington, who was a normal spectator on Sunday in Roth, had to fear for her world record. Daniela Ryf was ten minutes faster on the bike course than the British athlete was at the time. However, on the marathon course the endurance was lacking for the long distant athlete who is still relatively young.

Even if Wellingtons world record held up: Daniela Ryf seems to be on a good path to breaking it. “I hope to come back again” she said at the finish line and gave everyone the impression that she just finished running a casual 10 km run. Just how dominant Ryf was, shows the advance that she had over her competitors. The Australian, Carrie Lester, delivered a second-place finish with a top-time of 8:42:13 hours which was still 20 minutes after the winner. Lester claimed the same position as last year and referred defending champion, Yvonne van Vlerken (8:49:35 hours) to third place. Van Vlerken started in order to be the first woman to win four times in Roth. The chances dwindled however, when Daniela Ryf announced she would be starting just over a week ago. When Ryf, on her bike, in her own league, pedaled away, van Vlerkens dream was over.

Following the top 3, British athlete, Laura Siddal (8:51:59 hours) came in fourth. Another woman to break the Nine-Hour-Barrier. Local athlete, Anja Beranek, who came in third last year, was “only” able to achieve fifth place. With a time of 9:00:20 hours, she just barely missed the Nine-Hour-Barrier.


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