Award ceremony and retrospect on a busy day


Award ceremony and  retrospect on a busy day
A moment of silence for lost fellow


This wasn't dull duty for the busy athletes, but something important to them: The award ceremony of DATEV Challenge Roth, which honours all those who had shown an extraordinary performance in the race. An event nobody wanted to miss.

The celebration was not only for professionals, world-class athletes and record holders, but also for many age-groupers, whose personal achievements can't be valued high enough.

Everybody who is able to finish a long-distance triathlon possesses a huge heart. Every single one of them deserves the utmost respect. Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf both first time starters in Roth were amazed by the atmosphere of the „best old race“. The triathlon community celebrated a very emotional award ceremony, worthy of big events and big sport.

A moment of silence for lost fellow

Where there is light, there are shadows, too. And so, before the ceremony started, there were other respects to be paid. The Walchshöfer family, the race directors and thousands of athletes from 72 nations remembered the 50-year old relay team swimmer who died in the channel on Sunday. Felix Walchshäfer, in the name of his family, expressed his deep sympathy with family of the deceased. In a moving moment of silence the athletes from all over the world remembered their fellow sportsman. 


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