A visible sign for tolerance and open-mindedness

Students from the three schools which had participated in the banner-campaign, posed for a group photo at the Finishline-Stadium. 


A visible sign for tolerance and open-mindedness

Gymnasium Roth, Realschule Roth and the school near the city park: they all were recently certified as “School without racism – school with courage”. With a colorful campaign to collect signatures, the students gave a visible sign for tolerance and open-mindedness.

Since athletes from more than 70 nations will be visiting the region in the next days, student-representatives for the “Courage-campaign” from the three schools received welcome-banners from race-director Felix Walchshöfer.

These banners were then signed by hundreds of students who wanted to make clear that they are excited about “race days that are dominated by boundless tolerance and readiness to help each other”. That’s how a representative for one of the schools put it yesterday afternoon, when a group photo was taken at the Challenge-Finishline-Stadium, to remember the campaign.

After this ceremony, the banners were taken back to the respective schools where they were hung, for all to see.
There was a special souvenir for 12-year-old Felix Meyer from Roth: At a tombola, he was picked as the winner of a gift-card for a flight for two within Europe, which was sponsored by TEAMCHALLENGE.

The winner was picked by last year’s Datev-Challenge’s 4th-placed and 3-times Challenge Wanaka’s 2nd-placed, Laura Siddal. The Briton has already lived in Australia and New Zealand and now calls the United States of America home.
She really is “at home in the world”, explained Walchshöfer, and this background is why he chose her to pick the winner from the tombola. 

Felix Walchshöfer and Laura Siddal presented Felix Meyer from Roth with his prize: a gift-card for a flight for two within Europe. 


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