A very special class

A very special class
Jan Frodeno talked in front of 700 students

This is a class, the 5th and 6th graders from Realschule in Roth won't forget:
Challenge-World-Record-Finisher Jan Frodeno visited the school and spent an hour with the 700 boys and girls. The “Realschule” is one of several schools who were certified as “School with courage – school without racism” last year. Totally relaxed and friendly, he told stories and also some private secrets.

Very punctual – as you are supposed to be for class – the triathlon-superstar came to the school gym and was greeted frenetically. At that point he had already overcome the first shock of the morning: The order “Please report to the principal's office” brought back some memories of his own time as a student. But, as he assured, he always liked going to school and he has always practiced lots of sports, even though he wasn't a stand-out athlete as a kid. “To be honest”, he told the kids, “when I was your age, I sucked at sports”

But only until he found out what he was really good at: swimming, biking, and running. “That's the beauty of sports: If you believe in yourself, you can make your dreams come true.” And prove those wrong who didn't believe in you in the beginning: For example, his old gym class teacher.

And sports also unite people across language and cultural barriers. That's something he has experienced for himself.

„Test your limits, believe in yourselves, then you will go far in sports.” That it also takes a proper education, goes without saying. His parents, back in the day, made him study hard and get the high school diploma. “Today, I'm really thankful for that.”

The impression that Frodeno had on the kids became clear, when the usually shy teenagers rushed him with questions. Dozens of hands went up and the answers revealed among other things that this favorite class was physics, because the teacher was cool, that he didn't like biology too much and that, as a professional athlete, he earns enough to buy lots of chocolate. But it was also revealed, that he might be back for next year's DATEV Challenge Roth. He would like to participate in this special race once again. But if he does come back, he comes back to win it!


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