Aid stations

Aid stations
At the aid stations products will always be offered in the same order:

Bike course – aid stations are located approx. every 17.5 km:
water – bananas – ISO – energy bars – gels – water

On the second bike lap, cola will additionally be offered at the last aid station (Solar).

Run course – aid stations are located every 1,5 km:
ISO – water – cola – gels – energy bars – bread – dried fruit – rice cake – bananas – apples – melons - lemons – water – warm soup – red bull-water-mix

Possibility to bring one’s own food and drinks:
Competitors have the opportunity to ask accompanying persons to provide them with their own food and drinks up to 100m after every aid station on the bike as well as on the run course.
Athletes have to arrange themselves for a person to hand them their food and drinks. The race organizer does not assume any responsibility for such privately organized services.

Athletic Greens

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CORE - evidence-based nutrition advice

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CORE is a brand new, revolutionary nutrition planning tool for your races and training. We are excited to partner with one of the greatest endurance sporting events in the world: Challenge Roth! 

4th discipline
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Challenge Training Camps and Events

Join the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep accompanying events in co-operation with Professional Endurance Team, and get into the mood fort he „best old race“, practice with experts, get the best tips and feel the famous Challenge spirit together with fellow athletes!


Current training and seminar opportunities


Booked up! Training Camp in Roth

June 30 - July 4, 2021






GPS-File provided by LiveRank / SAS-Technologies

Here you can download the GPS-File of the bik course of DATEV Challenge Roth.

2020-03-19_162681333_DATEV Challenge Roth New Bike (66.7 KiB)

Here you can download the GPS-File of the run course of DATEV Challenge Roth. (11.8 KiB)


In order to provide even better service for all athletes as regards their training on the original race course of DATEV Challenge Roth, TEAMCHALLENGE now offers new, GPS-Files of the bike and run course. The maps are now available for download, so athletes can save them on their navigation devices and always keep an eye on the race course during their training.

The GPS-Files are provided by LiveRank / SAS-Technologies