Aid stations

Aid stations
At the aid stations products will always be offered in the same order:

Bike course – aid stations are located approx. every 17.5 km:
water – bananas – ISO – energy bars – gels – water

On the second bike lap, cola will additionally be offered at the last aid station (Solar).

Run course – aid stations are located every 1,5 km:
ISO – water – cola – gels – energy bars – bread – dried fruit – rice cake – bananas – apples – melons - lemons – water – warm soup – red bull-water-mix

Possibility to bring one’s own food and drinks:
Competitors have the opportunity to ask accompanying persons to provide them with their own food and drinks up to 100m after every aid station on the bike as well as on the run course.
Athletes have to arrange themselves for a person to hand them their food and drinks. The race organizer does not assume any responsibility for such privately organized services.

Squeezy Sportsnutrition

On the bike and rund course of the DATEV Challenge Roth 2020 the following products will be offered:
• SQUEEZY  SUPER ENERGY GEL Cola (without fructose, with caffeine)

On the run course additionally the following product is offered:
• ENERGY DRINK GEL Raspberry (without fructose)


CORE - evidence-based nutrition advice

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CORE is a brand new, revolutionary nutrition planning tool for your races and training. We are excited to partner with one of the greatest endurance sporting events in the world: Challenge Roth! 

4th discipline
Nutrition is key to performance, the 4th discipline in triathlon, and many athletes struggle with their nutrition. Recent stats suggest that 75% of all athletes in long distance events don’t get their nutrition right.
The solution is CORE.

CORE is a personalized and evidence-based tool that will give you a detailed nutrition plan for your race. It takes into account your physiology, your preferences, your tolerances, the course, the weather, and your pace.  And, CORE is built on the latest scientific evidence so that you can nail your nutrition on race day.

Challenge offers participants in Roth FREE access to CORE.
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Challenge Training Camps and Events

Join the DATEV Challenge Roth accompanying events in co-operation with Professional Endurance Team, and get into the mood fort he „best old race“, practice with experts, get the best tips and feel the famous Challenge spirit together with fellow athletes!


DATEV Challenge Roth 2020 is just around the corner
Current training and seminar opportunities

DATEV Challenge Roth Camp in Lanzarote
23 February – 8 March 2020

Do you want to prepare yourself for the new season in spring-like conditions? Then come to the DATEV Challenge Roth Camp under the Lanzarote sun. The camp is run by the Professional Endurance team with Matthias Fritsch. Matthias and his coaches offer you a varied and entertaining triathlon training camp in preparation for the 2020 season. Please note: all camp communication and lectures are in German.

Further information about the camp and to book visit:


Challenge Kick-Start Weekend
2/3 May 2020 - Roth

The Challenge competition year kicks off in spring with the big Challenge Kick-Start weekend. The event, which features both training and fundraising is perfect ahead of DATEV Challenge Roth on 5 July plus it’s a lot of fun and includes training on the famous “Radstreckenausfahrt” for that famous "Challenge feeling"! It starts on Saturday morning with the CHALLENGE WOMEN Active Day. In the afternoon, the big charity swim in the Roth pool takes place. Another highlight of the Kick Start Weekend on Sunday is cycling the original DATEV Challenge Roth course, organized by Matthias Fritsch (Professional Endurance Team) and TEAMCHALLENGE. Afterwards, participants will run a section of the marathon course. Starting at the Park and Ride parking lot, they will head to the Büchenbach pond and back again. All that and it’s completely! The Kick-Start Weekend is indispensable for all DATEV Challenge Roth participants (especially newbies) for the perfect preparation for the "Best Old Race"!

Bike ride registration:




GPS-File provided by LiveRank / SAS-Technologies

Here you can download the GPS-File of the bik course of DATEV Challenge Roth. (42.5 KiB)

Here you can download the GPS-File of the run course of DATEV Challenge Roth. (11.8 KiB)


In order to provide even better service for all athletes as regards their training on the original race course of DATEV Challenge Roth, TEAMCHALLENGE now offers new, GPS-Files of the bike and run course. The maps are now available for download, so athletes can save them on their navigation devices and always keep an eye on the race course during their training.

The GPS-Files are provided by LiveRank / SAS-Technologies