ZONE3 becomes new Wetsuit & Swim Wear Partner in Roth

The popular wetsuit brand ZONE3 is new wetsuit and swim wear partner of DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. Athletes benefit from special offers and a wetsuit rental at the event. ZONE3 is also famous for its sustainable approach for producing wetsuits which makes it a perfect fit for the race.

Race director Felix Walchshöfer: "ZONE3 is well-known in the triathlon world for their absolutely premium products. Just like us, they work to become better and better and to support the athletes in the best possible way. Their thoughts on sustainability are also right in line with our ideas, which is why we are very pleased to have ZONE3 as our new partner. Athletes also benefit from top products and environmentally friendly wetsuits."

James Lock, founder and owner of ZONE3: “It’s fantastic to start the partnership with the biggest long distance race in the world as we are already partnering with 18 events from the global Challenge Family series. Since 2009, ZONE3 has focused on supporting as many athletes, clubs and events as possible and has a deep-rooted commitment and passion for the sport of triathlon. The new Challenge Roth partnership helps to crystalize this commitment and we are incredibly proud to be working with one of the most iconic and desirable events in the world.

Everybody at ZONE3 is excited to be supporting the athletes who are entered into this year’s event and we look forward to seeing everybody at the EXPO.”

45 plastic bottles are recycled for every wetsuit

The environment matters to both brands. ZONE3 consciously uses more eco-friendly neoprene. Recycled tyres are used to make Carbon Black and Limestone is used to replace petrochemicals. Water-based glue is used instead of harmful solvent-based glue to bond seams and linings are made from recycled polyester. In fact, 45 plastic bottles are recycled for every wetsuit. DATEV Challenge Roth was awarded the most-eco friendly race at the Challenge Family awards twice in a row.

ZONE3 has become one of the most successful global triathlon brands by creating high-performance wetsuits, apparel and accessories that have continuously achieved the highest industry reviews based on speed, comfort, and innovation.

The brand has been built by triathletes and has been passionately supporting the triathlon community since 2006.

The product-first philosophy drives ZONE3 to commit thousands of hours to ensuring every detail, stitch, and fabric choice leads to best-in-class performance and functionality.

The rental options for the race: https://eu.zone3.com/pages/choose-your-region

Only for ROTH fans: 20% discount in the ZONE3 online shop with the code: ROTHZ320


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