Frommhold is out, Clavel ups tempo

Frommhold is out, Clavel ups tempo
Transition zone 2: The field of favorites gets sorted anew after Frommhold is forced “out”

A bitter end came to Nils Frommhold. The top favorite collides only kilometers from transition zone 2 with a female biker, falls and must give up the race. Fortunately, he only contracted a few abrasions, but his bike with its broken handlebar is a total loss.

The competition profits from his bad luck though. Maurice Clavel took over the lead in his long distance premiere and was the first to reach the run course. Although Timo Bracht, Terenzo Bozzone from New Zealand, Bart Aemouts the strong Belgian and Allan Dougal another Kiwi were not far behind. Even for last years second place winner, Joe Skipper, now placed sixth lagging a mere eight minutes behind, there is still potential! Last year, he ran the final marathon faster than Jan Frodeno.

As exciting as it is in the men’s group, it is a lonely race amongst the women for Daniela Ryf. The Swiss athlete rode the 180 kilometers on her bike in her own league and brought 13 or more specifically 14 minutes between herself and both of her persecutors, Laura Siddal (2) and Yvonne van Vlerken. The attack on Chrissie Wellington’s world best time most likely will have to be given up. In order to even get anywhere near the 8:18:13 hour mark that the athlete from England achieved in 2011, she would need a marathon time of just over 2:45 hours. That is not humanly possible.


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