Wurf leads the marathon

Sebastian Kienle is 1:59 minutes „late“ coming into the second transition zone.  Meanwhile the favorite has been able to take the lead.
Picture: Claudia Weinig, TEAMCHALLENGE


The Australian dominated the 180 km bike course at the DATEV Challenge Roth

Cameron Wurf has dominated the second discipline at the DATEV Challenge Roth. The former professional biker set his time-ride-machine in the transition zone after 4:55:28 hours. On the last 30 kilometers, this man, who had just started in Nice last week, was able to put 1:59 minutes between himself and Sebastian Kienle. Though experts on the run course are certain: Sebi has saved up some punch for later.

Andreas Dreitz came in third into the transition zone. It’s looking good for the upper Franconian up there on the pedestal. His pursuers: the Irish athlete Bryan Mccrystal, the American, Jesse Thomas, Evert Scheltinga from the Netherlands and James Cunnama (Winner in Roth – 2012) from South Africa –  and last but not least – the best runner in the field, Joe Skipper, Challenge Runner-up (2016 and 2017).

Kienle is able to catch up with Cameron Wurf during the first few kilometers. On the Laende in Roth he is able to pass him. The road is open for his “Grand Slam”.

It seems that Lucy Charles is heading for a Start-Finish tactic. However, Daniela Saemmler has been able to close the gap over the last few kilometers on bike. In third place, Kaisa Sali, is being attacked by three-time Roth winner, Yvonne van Vlerken.


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