Wurf is putting Kienle under pressure

Unbelievable atmosphere along the route. On the Solar Mountain – from what can be seen – it is impossible to get through.
Picture: Christoph Raithel, TEAMCHALLENGE


The former professional biker is able to shake off the top-favorite after 140 km

Cameron Wurf finished a long distance race in France just last week. However, that hasn’t stopped the Australian from presenting himself in top-form during the first two disciplines. The former professional biker had top-favorite Sebastian Kienle in tow over the past 100 kilometers. But after 140 kilometers the favorite wasn’t able to keep up. Nevertheless, the Swabian is the faster runner – and should be relatively fit during the last discipline.

Andi Dreitz, an upper Franconian and half local matador, has been able to establish himself at third place so far. Where as Jesse Thomas, who was able to keep up with Wurf and Kienle for a long time in the beginning has fallen back to fourth place.

Daniela Saemmler has been able to close the gap on Lucy Charles to just under seven minutes – and at the same time, widen the gap between herself and her pursuer Kaisa Sali. Yvonne van Vlerken and Laura Siddall have taken over spots four and five and are just waiting for a moment of weakness in their fellow competitors in order to find a spot on the pedestal.


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