Vote now for the best race of the year!

Vote now for the best race of the year!
Will Roth again win the 2015 Triathlon Award?

It will be as exciting once again: the big voting of “triathlon” magazine for the title of “race of the year” has begun! Everyone can take part from now on until November 8 and vote for the best long distance race of this year.

Last year, it was the fourth time that Challenge Roth won the title of “race of the year / long distance” in the big voting - with incredible 51,4 percent of all votes! Will DATEV Challenge Roth be able to win the trophy for a fifth time? This is the exciting question! Now, this year’s voting is on, the result will be announced at the big “Sailfish Night of the Year” on November 28. It’s all up to you, your vote can make the difference!

Roth is a legend!
We all experienced the this year’s DATEV Challenge Roth on July 12 as a true summer fairy tale of harmony, which inspired hundreds of thousands of people throughout the county of Roth and all round the world. Thanks to our more than 6,000 wonderful volunteers, the homestay families, the supporters from city and county of Roth, the more than 260,000 viewers and all of our fans. All of them more than deserve winning the 2015 Triathlon Award again. Let’s bring the Award back home to the triathlon county of Roth, back where it belongs – to the volunteers and fans.

Please all take part in the voting:


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