Triathlon turns the market place in Roth into a party area

The biggest names from the triathlon scene, the mayor and last but not least the „BAYERN 3 Band“ (from the BAYERN3 radio station) were present Friday night to kick off the big opening party for the „DATEV Challenge Roth 2014“ at the market place in Roth.

It's kind of like the city's parlor and every year the triathlon turns this place in the heart of the city into a party area for thousands of fans. Friday night they were there to celebrate the 30th anniversary of triathlon in Roth. „These are the most important days of the year for us.“ confirms mayor Ralph Edelhaeusser on stage. And also for the athletes, „it is the greatest“ as last year's winner Dirk Bockel underlines. He is very excited about Sunday, when he will pass the market place on his last meters to the finish line and be able to soak up the enthusiasm of a whole city. For Anja Beranek from the nearby city of Fuerth this „is the best there is.“

BAYERN 3-host Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht, a passionate triathlete himself, knows what he is talking aboout, he has known the atmosphere in Roth for many years. And he always has interesting people to interview, like for example the most famous „triathlon couple“, Nicole and Lothar Leder. Lothar has five wins in Roth under his belt so far and hopes, that on Sunday he won't finish too far behind the fastest woman. Unlike biathlete Andreas Birnbacher, whose race starts on Saturday already, when he will be the lead runner and only man at the „Challenge Women“. „1.500 girls chasing after me – that's something I have always dreamed of !“ But that won't be his only race of the weekend. On Sunday Birnbacher will be the bike rider in the relay team he forms with Andreas Raelert und runner Thomas Foerster. They represent the charitable organisation „Herzkind“ („Heartchild“).

Next up at the already jam-packed market place is the „BAYERN 3-Band“. The party is on! For Edi van Beek it feels like „coming home“. The musical director of the radio station BAYERN 3 is the singer of the band and has been in Roth every year since their first performance.

A proper start, cocktails, bester rock music and a mild summer night. The „DATEV Challenge Roth“ is very important for the bavarian broadcasters, as Walter Schmich, programme director at BAYERN 3 confirms. And for the band it is no question: „Who needs Hollywood Hills, if you have the Solar Hill“. The song of the same name, they play it anyway.

Nothing but party at the market place in Roth. TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


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