Award for ‘Best Race of the Year’ goes to Roth for seventh consecutive year

Award for ‘Best Race of the Year’ goes to Roth for seventh consecutive year
Repeat award great start for anniversary year

It is the weekend of honours for DATEV Challenge Roth: For the seventh year in a row, DATEV Challenge Roth has won the "Best Race of the Year" award – since 2011, the Triathlon Award has belonged to Roth. Once again, the readers of Europe's largest triathlon magazine ‘triathlon’ voted for DATEV Challenge Roth as the best long distance triathlon in the world. And so, the Roth triathlon tradition, which celebrates its 35th anniversary next year, once again left all other triathlon events behind, taking the win by a massive margin.

Alice Walchshöfer and Kathrin Walchshöfer-Helneder received the coveted trophy for the seventh time at the "Sailfish Night" in Langen near Frankfurt and emphasized that the award did not belong to the Walchshöfer family but to the 7,000+ volunteers, the loyal athletes and all the thousands of supporters from the city and district of Roth. They thanked them with all their hearts. Kathrin Walchshöfer-Helneder said, "We are very proud and happy that our triathlon crazy district of Roth has managed to earn the award of best race in the world for the seventh time through its commitment and passion."

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