Traditional costumes instead of tanktops



Traditional costumes instead of tanktops
The top athletes in unusual attire at the „Erdinger Urweisse Hüttengaudi“ party

Nice little flowers on cool linen clothes instead of stylish designs on functional outfits. Not only sporty and fit, but also dapper and traditional. That's what the „Erdinger Urweisse Hüttengaudi" party is all about. The top athletes showed themselves from a totally different side. Here Nils Frommhold and the others were able to just be men/women of pleasure

Good and solid food, traditional music, clear blue sky and „Weizen-beer (of cours sans alcohol) made the get-together in front of Erdinger's log cabin just perfect. The place is just meters from the finish line, which will be anything but relaxed come Sunday. But that's a still the distant future.

With spectacular support from the small but sophisticated manufacturer of traditional costumes „TrachtenBrummsel“ (www.trachtenbrummsel.de), professional athletes like Michelle Vesterby had much fun switching jeans and t-shirt for blouses, traditional costumes and skirts.

For Yvonne van Vlerken that was not enough: She was for once without her trademark aerodynamic bike helmet, but instead with a girdle of flowers matching the pale-turquoise colors of her traditional costume. No wonder, many of the guests at the party asked not only for her autograph, but also for a selfie with the defending champion.

But also the men held their own: Stars like Nils Frommhold, Cyriel Viennot or „Hell on wheels“, Thomas Hellriegel, had put on traditional leather pants. Lucky the ones who had suspenders, so that the pants would not even sack on the slim bodies of the endurance athletes.And they always had a free hand to raise their „Erdinger“ beer to an exciting race.

« „Let the games begin“ Three, two one, go! »