The run for the starter documents has begun

The run for the starter documents has begun
Triathletes from all over the world, welcome!

The green bags at the registration tent are still tightly stacked. But still: Many athletes already took the opportunity to do an early check-in on Friday and pick up their documents, goodies and gift certificates for the DATEV Challenge Roth backpacks 2017 (this year, they are bright blue).

The amiable volunteers at registration – all dressed up in traditional costumes - were already pretty busy this afternoon: A few short explanations, a friendly smile, a helping hand sign. In this atmosphere, people didn’t mind waiting a bit at times to get the desired package. Because already on Friday, it wasn’t possible anymore to get it without any waiting.

A quick check to see, if the time-tracking chip works. All set! Have a nice race!


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