The run for the green bags has started



The run for the green bags has started
Everythings ready!

Finally! Today at midday, the registration point opened and is already quite busy. The rain has stopped and the sun came out. The weather in Roth is getting ready for the Challenge. And the run for the starter documents at the big white tent behind the stadium was on. A sea of green bags is waiting there for the single- and relay-starters: packed and neatly arranged by the caring hands of our helpers. In the bags: Among other things, a personal gift certificate which allows the starters to pick up their DATEV Challenge Roth backpack at the Challenge Fanshop. The ones who already went there are easily recognizable by their backpacks. And there are more of them each hour. The friendly men and women at the registration point don't get stressed by the masses which slowly but surely arrive. A board in front of the tent anounces great weather for the race day. Everythings ready!

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