The mountain rocks

Super fast: Cameron Wurf passes the Solar Mountain first.
Picture: Christoph Raithel, TEAMCHALLENGE

Trio is leading race at the DATEV Challenge Roth on Solar Mountain

The first pass in Hilpoltstein. The Australian, Cameron Wurf, bike record-holder in Hawaii, top-favorite, Sebastian Kienle and the American, Jesse Thomas have torn the men’s field apart on the first 70 kilometers. The trio passed the Solar Mountain almost in step with one another. Niklas Bock followed as the second German starter in fourth place. He is only 2 minutes behind. Last years vice, Joe Skipper lies at tenth place and eight minutes behind. That could be difficult for the sympathetic British athlete.

In the pursuers role: Andi Dreitz
Picture: Christoph Raithel, TEAMCHALLENGE

On the women’s front, super-swimmer, Lucy Charles is also leading a lonesome race on the bike course. She passed the Solar Mountain with a huge advance. Careful though, Daniela Saemmler, has worked her way up to second place before Finland’s Kaisa Sali. Perhaps she will be able to break the German record set by Sandra Wallenhort (8:47 hours). The race is still long.

Terrific atmosphere: More than ten thousand fans "carry" the athletes up the Solar Mountain.
Picture: Christoph Raithel, TEAMCHALLENGE



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