The first record is broken

Sebastian Kienle (yellow cap) manages to keep up with the best in the water. He left the Canal within a group of 15 top-athletes.
Picture: Robert Gerner, TEAMCHALLENGE

Lucy Charles breaks the old best time at the DATEV Challenge

Has that ever happened before? The fastest swimmer at the DATEV Challenge Roth is – a woman!

Lucy Charles only needed 46:48 minutes to swim the 3,8 km in the Main-Danube-Canal. That makes her a half a minute faster than specialist swimmer Janina-Kristin Goetz in 2009.

The 24-year old British athlete was not the first to reach dry ground. That only lies in the fact that the men had a three minute head-start as they started off for the run.

Where as Lucy Charles swam alone, none of the top men could do the same. That suited top-favorite, Sebastian Kienle just fine as he is not known to be one of the fastest swimmers. Sebi can hold his own in the shadows of the best crawlers and was one of 15 top athletes to make it to the transition zone first. One doesn’t have to be a prophet to foresee, that Kienle will dominate the race on the 180 km bike.


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