It can't get any harder or nicer

It was a hard battle, to finish first. However, in the end the DATEV Challenge Roth winner of 2018, Daniela Saemmler enjoyed the well-wishes of family and the public.
Foto: Claudia Weinig, TEAMCHALLENGE


No serious incidents between athletes and spectators

Perfect. And really hard. That was the common demoninator that the race organizers, the police, the volunteers and the winnners of the DATEV Challenge Roth all came up with for the race in 2018.

In the final press conference, race organizer, Felix Walchshoefer was able to express himself briefly: from the athletic side of things it was a day in which "dreams came true": a German double win, new best times in both the swim and bike course and last but not least an effort that balanced out - after eleven hours of competition -that was not really worth mentioning.

"No serious incidents", is what the police had to report. The paramedics and doctors had a mere, 31 "light wounds" to handle. Even at the end, near the finish many of the cots in the paramedics tent remained empty. Considering that 3400 single starters, 650 relays and over a hundred thousand spectators were on the course makes it even more than obvious. Walchhöfer knows this and his relief shows.

One could just as well be happy about the athletic results. However, places one through three were really hard work. In the men's - as well as in the women's field.

In that respect, the top-placed athletes in spite of their differences, their expectations and their competition experience were completely one.

And even though Daniela Sämmler and Lucy Charles in a heart-beat final had nothing left to give; and although Kaisa Sali "only" managed third place - they want it to happen again. All three have promised their participation for 2019. These three are not only fast racers, they are also fast in making decisions.

He is almost reluctant - as to relating his competition plans for 2019 - the DATEV Challenge Roth winner 2018, Sebastian "Sebi" Kienle. As far as the competition itself goes, the organization and above all the atmosphere, he can be a little more concrete: "indescribable" is how he outlined "what he couldn't put down in words".

And his tip to the correlating question from moderator, Tobias Koedel was to "Just try it out. Then you know, what I mean."

Whether or not Koedel understands the risk is questionable. Not so for runner-up, Andreas Dreitz and third place winner, Jesse Thomas. Both celebrated  their competition premiere in Roth. Both were still shaking their heads unbelievably hours after the finish at the enthusiasm of the spectators that "pushed them endlessly" despite all the pain.

A second edition in the coming year? Most likely.


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