Squared, practical, green

The new LED-Cube sponsored by DATEV

There is always something new at Challenge to improve the experience for the fans. This time inspiration came from title sponsor DATEV and the result is spectacular: A giant LED-Cube in DATEV-green color, high above the Triathlon Stadium, each side measures four meters. That’s where the Live-Stream will be shown on Sunday and there will be clips of the TOP 5 male and female athletes. This way, the fans waiting for the first finishers at the Stadium are always up to date with the race and can share the excitement.

The new LED-Cube also means a further step towards digitalization at DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep – a subject that is basically part of DATEV’s DNA. In the 9th year of this collaboration – next year there will be a big celebration for the 10th anniversary – another trailblazing project has been realized at Challenge.


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