The lasting footprints of a winner

The lasting footprints of a winner
Daniela Ryf and Bart Aernouts are part of the new „Walk of Triathlon“ in Roth

If you are a star in the film industry, then eventually you may receive your own star on the “Walk of Fame”, in the movie metropole, Los Angeles. Everyone has heard of this. But have you heard that those who belong to the top athletes in the “Capitol of Triathlon”, Roth – can now receive their “footprint” – fitting the profession. Logical, isn’t it?! The DATEV Challenge 2017 winners - had their footprints immortalized - at the awards ceremony on Monday morning for the new “Walk of Triathlon”.

Because triathletes need good and fast legs, the best will now have their footsprints cast first in a foam, then in steel for the “Walk of Triathlon”. Bart Aernouts nad Daniela Ryf both disposed of their shoes yesterday during the awards ceremony as race organizer, Felix Walchshoefer and the mayor, Ralph Edelhaeusser assisted.

Naturally, there were medals, certificates and winners trophies, as is common in sports, for the fastest in the race on Sunday. However, that was not enough: Bart Aernouts and Daniela Ryf, the overall winners in the men’s and women’s fields, became much more:

On the one hand, they received a larger-than-life winner’s photo, which was presented to the astonished Belgian winner and the Swiss athlete during the ceremony as a surprise in the large festival tent. Both photos will also be the focal point in the main tent next year for more than a thousand visitors to see.

On the other hand, Bart Aernouts and Daniela Ryf now belong to the prominent endurance athletes, whose footprints will be cast in steel, and then onto sidewalk forms to become part of the long planned “Walk of Triathlon”.

That is why Challenge’s race organizer, Felix Walchshoefer and the mayor, Ralph Edelhaeusser went down on their knees – to take prints of this years Challenge winners - in an orthopedic foam.

Shortly before though, both had the opportunity to „verbally“ bow to the performance of the new Triathlon-retiree, Timo Bracht. Measured on his placement in the race, he is by far the most successful German triathlete on the long distance, just in front of Lothar Ledar, where the circle to the “Walk of Triathlon” closes again. Lothar Ledar had the honor of leaving his footprints as a prototype for the “Walk of Triathlon” earlier.

Timo Brachts contested his last long distant race on Sunday as a professional athlete. Not only has he proven that he can swim, bike and run very fast and very often, but that he can also sign his name in a very sweeping manner as he did when signing the Golden Book of the City of Roth during the awards ceremony.
Photo: Weinig


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