Roth is Rocking



Roth is Rocking
This county town is boosting a major atmosphere

Samba drums on the market place, bells ringing in front of the city church, a “raise your glass” at Kugelbuehl, live music at the Acuna and for the first time ever, and gigantic open-air shower at the Espan. Roth is really giving it all!

“It is getting pretty wild down at the Espan“, that is what the local haulage firm promised and delivered. There is quite a bit going on down there, with a DJ up on top of the container bridge who is keeping the beat up while the triathletes that are running through can decide whether they want to get wet or not. Cool wetness sprays out from under the red container bridge onto the hot triathletes.

Exactly at kilometer 40 of the marathon course is the Church of the City of Roth. They are offering, “strength” for the last part of the race, Blueberry Cake – first come, first serve. You will also find the DMSG there with an information stand. They have a runner collecting money during the race.

You will find happy excited people everywhere, cheering the athletes on. Not only the tops: at the DATEV Challenge Roth it is nice tradition, that every single athlete is greeted frenetically and carried over the finish line on the excitement of the public. The party atmosphere stretches out over generations wherever you look. Each meter of the course offers that “goosebump” feeling. That’s what makes Triathlon in Roth special!


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