Roth – a host for the world

Roth – a host for the world

The “Welcome Party” hosted by the city of Roth, followed by a performance by the legendary “BAYERN 3 Band” at the market square. But before the musicians take the stage, the city of Roth welcomes its guests with an athletic show program. “Because we are more then the Challenge” says Hans Raithel, second mayor of Roth.

First up to show their skills is a group of Hip Hop dancers from dance academy Bogner. After that, the youngest ones, the “HipHop Kids” from the dance academy dance maxX in Roth made the crowd move.

A lot more traditional, but just as interesting, was “Irish Magic’s” performance. This group is part of Roth’s dance club and performed several tap dances to rhythmic Irish music.

However, there are not only sports enthusiasts in the Roth area, but also many young creative minds. This was demonstrated by the “flag project” in which 1.300 kids from 35 local schools, kindergartens, etc., started after the Easter holidays to produce 140 hand-made flags. These little works of art, which carry motivational quotes and symbols of the different parts of the district, have been hanging the center of Roth for the last few days. At the “Welcome Party” all those young artists were represented by kids from the kindergartens „Biberbande“ (Thalmässing), „Villa Kunterbunt“ (Dürrenmungenau) and „Bartimäus“ (Hilpoltstein). They were met with thundering applause and received praise from Roth’s second mayor, Hans Raithel: “That idea was just great!” he said.

The finale of the program brought the international audience something “not very Franconian, but nevertheless great” as Raithel put it: Jara Maya gave a belly dance performance. She is a teacher for oriental dance for kids at Schwabach’s dance academy Bogner.

The later it got, the more people showed up at the market square. Many visitors had come especially to see them: The BAYERN 3 band!

And in the following four hours, the musicians really got the party started! 

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