Pasta with a little extra

Pasta with a little extra
Bernbacher Pasta-Party gets you in the mood for the race

Of course there are some rational reasons why endurance athletes have to fill up their carb reserves before a big race. But even better, if this kind of “reason” makes for a lot of fun. Best example: the Bernbacher Pasta-Party on Friday night.

This party is about getting loaded up on carbs – which is quite a pleasant job with spicy bolgnese, Thai-chicken-coco-curry or chicken with leek.

Some 5000 athletes attended the Bernbacher Pasta Party and enjoyed a tasty buffet, which offered not only pasta, but also the great atmosphere among peers from many different nationalities and skill levels.

But this is not everything! Much the contrary: Here, the important issue of physiological food intake becomes fun. But just part of the fun, there is much more to this party!

At this party there are thousands of peers. After all the long and often lonely hours of training, frustration about injuries, and struggles to get motivated: all this has no place in the huge tent with its 500 seats that houses the pasta party.

The athletes celebrate themselves. Because they will be part of “the biggest and most emotional long-distance race in the world” (quote: host Andreas Groß). The athletes celebrate each other. Because athletes from more than 70 nations – from A as in Armenia, to B as in Botswana to C as in  Cyprus and so on… - together dream the dream of a happy finish at DATEV Challenge Roth’s “Finish line stadium”.

This party is for hobby athletes as well as for the stars of the scene, who happily mingle with the crowd. All the top contenders like Timo Bracht and Nils Frommhold or world record holder from 2008, Yvonne van Vlerken and newcomer Heather Wurtele: They all enjoy being celebrated by the fans and celebrating in the midst of Roth’s triathlon family.

And: Like the other 5000 athletes, they to experience emotional moments at the party. For example, when a group of Maori from New Zealand, who all participate in Sunday’s race, present their traditional “Haka” dance on the stage. This dance is meant to symbolize their respect for all the people who have gathered here.

Respect in the form of heartfelt applause is what the athletes show the 7000 volunteers, who will be present along the race course on Sunday.

School kids who hand out sponges and senior citizens who prepare hundreds of sandwiches: They all get an emotional “Thank you” from the family who organizes the DATEV Challenge, Alice, Felix and Katrin Walchshöfer, when they come on stage.

These volunteers are well prepared for Sunday. And the athletes should be, too, at least carb-wise, after the Bernbacher-Pasta-Party.


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