Party Mile Around The Pond

Party Mile Around The Pond
The citizens of Buechenbach celebrate the Challenge

What a feeling! What a premiere! Buechenbach, the heart of the new run course of the DATEV Challenge Roth, celebrates. Celebrates the triathlon, the day and itself.

The entire village is on its feet or has them resting comfortably on one of the countless beer benches along the run course. Clubs, town council and many volunteers have created a celebration mile directly in the middle of the town. No wonder, that mayor, Helmut Bauz is proud to say “Thank you”. Thank you to all those that contributed to making this premiere a success. Buechenbach planned to present itself as a family friendly, happy, world open and joyous celebration community upon joining the Challenge-Happenings. One could say they succeeded!

Cheers to those who arrived on time, to secure a front-row seat and be in the middle of the party of the year. Even better for those who own a garden and were able to change it into a VIP-Lounge. It is nicest sitting in the shade of your own apple tree.

Families with small children were well cared for in the schoolyard. The little ones had plenty of space to cheer – and in case they got bored – there was animation. Room to run and rest was also available. Simply perfect!

The turning point around the pond gave the spectators as well as the athletes a fabulous overview of the second turning point on the run course. Here were motivations placards, made by schoolchildren from the county for athletes of all 71 nations present. The athletes pass by twice within a short time period. The “Mexican Wave around Village Pond” worked like a charm and with a little practice was excellent and along with the lively music even had the track marshals dancing! DATEV Challenge Roth in Buechenbach. What a gain!


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