New Roth landmark

Das Projekt-Team und Sponsoren bei der Einweihung der ersten Stele des Rother „Walk of Trathlon“. (von Links: Thomas Herrmann (TSG 08 – Triathlonabteilung), Lydia Kartmann (vormalige Stadtbaumeisterin Roth), Wolfgang Baier (Stadtbaumeister Roth), Anne Rumetsch (Architektin), Alexander Zetterer (Zetterer Präzision), Felix Walchshöfer (Geschäftsführer Teamchallenge), Ralph Edelhäußer (Erster Bürgermeister) und Mark Bartholl (Stadtmarketing-Beauftragter)   Quelle: Flavia Zaunseder

New Roth landmark - the "Walk of Triathlon"

ROTH - 2.7m high, 37cm wide and almost 180kg. These are the dimensions of the new Roth landmark, the "Walk of Triathlon". The first monument was officially unveiled on 5 July marking the appreciation the town has for triathlon and recognising its importance to the region.

For decades, DATEV Challenge Roth and the MEMMERT Rothsee Triathlon have been the centre of attraction for both professional and amateur triathletes from all over the world. Every year, tens of thousands of fans, spectators and their relatives travel to Roth and the surrounding region district with the athletes. No other event has the potential to mobilise so many athletes and thrill spectators worldwide. "Triathlon cannot be replaced economically, culturally or emotionally for Roth," confirmed Mayor Ralph Edelhäußer around the importance of sport for the city.

Many people believed the sport of triathlon was not sufficiently represented throughout the year. Its potential to define the city and bring athletes, spectators and tourists to Roth throughout the year is still not fully explored. Based on this knowledge, in 2013 the SPD parliamentary group agreed to support the “Walk of Triathlon” concept developed by a project team after Challenge in 2013.

The concept proposes moulding the footprints of the two winners each year in corten steel and laying them as paving slabs throughout the city centre. "This gives fans and everyone else the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the top athletes and to explore the history of the triathlon and the most beautiful places in the city while walking through the city," enthused Mayor Edelhäußer. There will also be an information point developed every three to four years. This ensures a higher profile for the walk and gives visitors in-depth information about each Challenge year.

Accessibility has also been taken into account: thanks to an attached QR code and a notice in Braille, blind and visually impaired people can also read all information online.

On the planned 2020 race day, 5 July, the first monument at the Kugelbühlplatz in Roth was officially unveiled with a small ceremony.

However, one monument does not make a “walk” so project team continue with further planning and implementation in the coming weeks and months. “Now it's time to take the momentum with you and find locations for more monuments and collect further footprints from the winners of previous years,” said Mark Bartholl. "We want to ensure triathlon gets even more attention through the "Walk of Triathlon" helping to attract athletes and tourists to Roth."

Further information on the background and the concept itself can be found at www.stadt-roth.de/wot.


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